Viber allows to Delete Messages from Recipients’ Phones

often wish you could delete messages sent from recipients smartphones? The latest Viber update from Android and iOS will allow you to do just that.

According to Viber, “Well you can now delete that message from your own phone and it will be deleted from the devices of everyone you sent it to immediately. It works with both 1-on-1 or group messages. You’ll be given an option to ‘Delete for myself’, removing it only from your device; or ‘Delete for everyone’, which removes it from your own phone as well as all the recipients’ devices.”

However, in case you want to delete a message that someone else has sent to you, it will only be removed from your own device.

The update also includes other features like you can now attach files to 1-on-1 conversations, groups and Public Chats from your phone. If you attach more than one file at a time, each will be sent as a separate message. Viber claims to support all popular file types and the attachment can be up to 200MB.