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All Super Bowl 2016 commercials are in one place. If you have missed them during the game, watch all of them here. Sit back and enjoy!

Jack in the Box

While you might expect fast food joints to make a run for the Super Bowl ad field, Jack in the Box is the first and only burger joint to confirm their participation in the Big Game ad game.

The Jack in the Box 2016 Super Bowl ad is a play off of the Declaration of Independence. But instead of declaring freedom from tyranny, or from the UK, Jack in the Box makes a very serious #DeclarationofDelicious. The ad comes with a promise that the burger chain will use fresher, tastier ingredients! Now that’s something to wave our grand old flag about!


McDonald’s didn’t officially buy an ad spot during Super Bowl 50, but they did air this pre-game ad. They used the Big Game spot to let us know that Mickey D’s is now offering breakfast all day! Now that sounds like the perfect cure to our Super Bowl hangover!

Start Your Engines!

Fast moving and fierce, just like a football game! The Super Bowl is always ripe stomping grounds for car advertisers and this year is no exception. From luxury, high-end cars to family sedans, these automakers have something for everyone out their in the Big Game audience.

Buick (Rookie)

This is not your grandmother’s Buick. The American carmaker, owned by GM, used their first ever Super Bowl commercial to attract a younger audience to their Cascada convertible. And in just 30-seconds, they managed to get the message across. Of course having Gaints’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and 24-year-old model, Emily Ratajkowski by their side played a huge part! A fun ad that worked.


Hyundai isn’t holding back when it comes to investing in Super Bowl 50. In addition to being the official car and sponsors of the NFL, they created four Super Bowl commercials – two 30-second in-game ads, one 60-second pre-kickoff spot and one 60-second pre-game ad. What’s more – they hired four (yes, four!) world-class directors to help them create their Super Bowl 50 ads. It’s all hands on deck for Peter Berg, Fredrik Bond, Aaron Stoller and Janusz Kaminski. These aficionados have been invited to create commercials highlighting the Hyundai Elantra and Genesis.

Hyundai’s first complete ad release is a 30-second nail-biter called “The Chase.” Directed by Aaron Stoller, it will air in the first quarter of the Big Game. Watch how the Hyundai Elantra saves these two hikers from being attacked (or hugged?) by two bears. Thank goodness for that cool “talk-start” feature!

The second complete ad release is a cute, clever ad that shows off one really impressive feature of the 2017 Elantra. Automatic emergency brakes that can detect pedestrians – now that’s a real life-saver! Watch the fun ad that directed by Fredrik Berg. Called “Ryanville,” it stars eye candy, Ryan Reynolds as well as Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds. (Watch it and you’ll see what we mean.)

The third ad, called “First Date” stars Kevin Hart who is a very, VERY overprotective father. Apparently Hyundai’s new “Car Finder” feature was made just for dads like this.

The fourth Hyundai Super Bowl commercial is called “Better.” Directed by Fredrik Bond, it follows one boy who, rather than a heart, has a weird blue glowing engine. But apparently this engine-heart drives him to be a really good guy…


Honda has purchased a full minute of Super Bowl glory to show off their new 2017 Ridgeline truck and the fun commercial has us singing along! Who knew that sheep love Queen as much as do? The commercial will air during the third quarter when we are all good and liquored up. Perfect Karaoke timing! You can start practicing now:


After sitting on the sidelines since 2012, Acura has announced that they’re back in the game. Their ad will air during the first quarter and will focus on boosting sales for the 2017 Acura NSX. Sadly, it doesn’t feature Jerry Seinfeld like the previous Acura Super Bowl commercial.

Instead, the ad aims to display just how awesome their NSX model is. Not convinced?

Watch the extended version of their Game Day ad below:


There’s nothing Mini about the Big Game, except for the 30-second, third quarter commercial for the BMW Mini. This is their first Super Bowl commercial since 2011 and they’re using it to showcase the new design of the Mini Clubman, which they promise is actually big enough for your whole family.

The Mini 2016 Super Bowl commercial marks the kickoff of a campaign to “Defy Labels” and they’ve got an impressive team of athletes and celebrities on board to help them make sure the message is heard. Abby Wambach, Serena Williams, T-Pain, Randy Johnson (aka The Big Unit), Tony Hawk, Michael Whinnet, Michai Stephens and Hollywood actor Harvey Keitel all star in the ad spot. Incidentally, they’ve all also owned a Mini somewhere along the way…

Watch the Mini Super Bowl 50 commercial here, and be inspired!

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