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All Super Bowl 2016 commercials are in one place. If you have missed them during the game, watch all of them here. Sit back and enjoy!


Intel ran this pregame commercial called “Experience Amazing.” To the soundtrack of Beethoven’s Symphony #5, the ad showcased the advanced that Intel has made in technology.

Feeling Thirsty?

Plenty of beverage companies have already jumped on board the Super Bowl bandwagon. From tangy Mountain Dew and sweet Coca-Cola to the bubbles and fog that come with too many Bud Lights, here’s a look at the full bar of beverage choices that will be paraded before us come Super Bowl Sunday.


No more puppies? That’s right. The big news this year is that neither of the two 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl commercials feature puppies. Why? Because despite their popularity, they don’t sell beer! Budweiser, in fact, went with an entirely different route.

Their first Supper Bowl commercial is a PSA against drunk driving, starring a very sharp-tongued Helen Mirren. The hashtag? #GiveADamn

Budweiser’s second 30-second spot is a hard-core spot starring the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. Called #NotBackingDown, the ad hammers the message that Bud is “not to be sipped,” “not for everyone” and “not small.” They definitely seem to be targeting the testosterone crowd.

Fun fact: This is the 27th Super Bowl appearance for the Budweiser Clydesdales.


Need one last puppy fix? Here’s Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII ad:

Bud Light

To no one’s surprise, Bud Light is again advertising in the Super Bowl this year. To build hype for the Golden edition of the Big Game, they have created collectible beer cans featuring the logos of every NFL team that has ever won the Super Bowl.

As far as their first ad is concerned, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen star as running mates for the “Bud Light Party” in the 2016 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial!

Will these two be going head to head with Donald and Hillary?


(As) always Coca-Cola advertised in the Super Bowl this year. The 2016 Coke Super Bowl commercial was part action story, part comedy and even a little sentimental. We know the feeling that Hulk has in the ad when we’d be willing to do just about anything to get just a tiny sip of that sweet, fizzy beverage. Coca-Cola has teamed up with Marvel comics to create some very cute mini-cans of Coca-Cola. Haven’t you always wanted to drink Coke from a can with the Incredible Hulk on it?


Pepsi will be sponsoring the famous Super Bowl halftime show for the fourth year in a row. British rock band, Coldplay is headlining the show and will be joined on stage by Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Pepsi also created one Super Bowl 50 commercial and it takes us on a journey through the decades. Beginning in the 1960s, we see star Janelle Monáe move seamlessly through the decades as she dances to classics by The Contours, Madonna and more.

Mountain Dew (KickStart)

For the first time since 2000, Mountain Dew purchased one golden ticket to the Big Game. But rather than featuring their classic lime-green beverage, they handed over the spot to their energy drink, Kickstart. The Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial, called #PuppyMonkeyBaby, is meant to show that even the strangest threesome combos are awesome. You know, like “dew, juice and caffeine” and puppies, monkeys and babies. Just like their bizarre teasers, the ad is wacky but a lot of fun. Watch it a few times – it keeps getting better!

But will this make you want to drink a KickStart?

Shock Top (Rookie)

Owned by Anheuser-Busch, Shock Top has announced their debut purchase of one 30-second Super Bowl 50 ad. The craft, wheat beer who competes with Blue Moon (owned by Miller Coors) is known best for their fiesty, red-haired, loose-lipped logo. In honor of Shock Top’s first Super Bowl ad, they’ve paired up with comedian T.J. Miller to help them get the word out.

They released a 90-second, extended version of their Super Bowl ad on January 28th. As predicted, it features Miller conversing with the beer brand’s iconic mascot.

Michelob Ultra

For the first time since 2010, Michelob Ultra is tempting all the athletes out there with their light and tasty brew. Reminding us to breathe, the Michelob Super Bowl 2016 ad tells us that Michelob isn’t for just anyone. This brew is blended for the hard core among us. And at just 95 calories, even the strictest training regiment can make room for a nice, cold one of these.


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