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All Super Bowl 2016 commercials are in one place. If you have missed them during the game, watch all of them here. Sit back and enjoy! (Rookie)

America’s leading apartment database,, created their first ever Super Bowl commercial this year and they’re going big, with a 60-second slot dedicated to promoting the benefits of apartment living.

The 2016 Super Bowl commercial, titled “#MovinOnUp,” stars Lil’ Wayne, actor Jeff Goldblum and President George Washington. (yes, you heard right.) Goldblum is back as the character Brad Bellflower, whom we met in previous advertisements. The advertisers released a bunch of teasers before to get us psyched for their Golden Game commercial debut and then finally revealed the big ad itself.

Watch the commercial here, which includes a singing, flying Goldblum and a game of pick-up football with some unusual players:

Machine Zone (Mobile Strike)

Mobile game developer, Machine Zone is back for their second Super Bowl appearance. This year, they solicited the help of Arnold Schwarzenegger to help them promote their game, Mobile Strike. In their Super Bowl teaser, watch Arnold turn a rather ordinary elevator ride into something completely extraordinary.


Axe found such success in their recent ad campaign, “Find Your Magic,” that they decided to bring it to the 2016 Super Bowl. They’ve purchased a 30-second spot and are dedicating it to showing that being a real man can mean a whole lot of things. Here’s a 60-second version of their ad:


With all that savings they claim to offer, T-Mobile must still be raking in the big bucks. They sponsored two ads in the Big Game this year. Just days before kickoff, they released one of their two Super Bowl 2016 commercials. The ad stars Blake and pokes fun at “other carriers” who offer endless limitations and conditions on their service. Bring on the Bling!

The second T-Mobile Super Bowl 50 commercial features a self-deprecating Steve Harvey and (as promised in their teaser) the color magenta.

FitBit (Rookie)

Just days before the Big Game, with little fanfare and trumpets, FitBit released their complete Super Bowl commercial. This is not just any watch – it’s for people who want to get fit, in style. If you’re wondering how fast your heart’s beating as you’re sprinting to Levi’s Stadium to watch the plays between the Panthers and the Broncos, then this is the accessory for you.

Watch the FitBit Super Bowl 50 commercial:


What do you get when you cross the Colgate Super Bowl commercial with Transformers? This robot-razor ad for the New Schick Hydro Razor. The Schick Super Bowl commercial features a battle between an ordinary razor and the Schick one. Maybe Arnold should have done this ad instead of Mobile Strike? 


Advil promised to make headaches a distant memory in their Super Bowl commercial, but in all honesty we wish their lame ad was a distant memory.

Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC)

Between mouthfuls of chips and dip and gulps of Budweiser, did you ever think you’d be treated to a Super Bowl commercial about the awkward topic of Opioid-Induced Constipation? When we saw the ad, the food almost came flying out of our mouths, unexpected that it was. But it certainly got people talking about this important topic. And for that, we give them credit.

Watch the ad here, preferably not while you’re eating.

Dollar Shave Club

Unexpectedly, razor maker Schick had company during the 2016 Super Bowl. In an unannounced ad, Dollar Shave Club let us know that we don’t need to be rich to shave with new, sharp razor blades every single month. The Dollar Shave Club let’s you sign up for affordable razor blades, shipped straight to your door for just a few bucks each month. The old razor character was completely foul, but the message was effectively delivered. I mean, I Googled them didn’t I?

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