Prevent Acne, Wrinkles, Pigmentation

Most of us know that drinking water and getting good quality sleep is important for keeping your skin clear and radiant, but what else can you do to keep it in tip top condition? These experienced skin experts share the advice they follow when it comes to skin health.

1. Minimise Sugar, Cleanse, Exercise

“Minimise sugar in the diet as it causes an inflammatory process in the gut and makes the body highly acidic in nature. Always do a proper cleanse before bed to remove all traces of makeup by cleansing, toning and moisturising. Get plenty of exercise as it helps to cleanse toxins and free radicals from the body and skin.” – Eli Huang, Beauty Therapist at Acupuncture and Beauty

2. Eat Well

“As a naturopath and beauty therapist I approach skin care in a very holistic manner. Good skin begins with what you eat: I never miss my lemon and warm water to start my day. I avoid caffeinated beverages but include nutrient rich herbal teas instead. I eat bitter foods such as rocket with every meal and include lots of other green veggies such as green beans, sea vegetables, broccoli and spinach to aid digestion and detoxification. I include vitamin c rich foods and foods rich in zinc and vitamin A. Good skin also needs fats so I include lots of good fats in the diet, omega 3’s from fish and fish oil, cold pressed olive oil and coconut oil (internally and externally).” – Annamaria Tizzone, Feather Stone Fire

3. Visit a Skin Therapist Regularly

“As a dermal therapist I always encourage everyone to start young seeing a skin therapist regularly every 4 to 6 weeks whilst utilising the correct daily skin regime for their skin and also proper wellness nutrition daily routine.” – Carol Rita Azo, Fresh Soul Skin & Makeup

4. Keep Your Mind and Body Relaxed

“The key to keep your skin looking good is eating fresh vegetables and fruit and also keeping your body and mind relaxed. Taking time for yourself and making sure you are looking after yourself physically and mentally is very important for you and your skin.” – Yasmin Dirani, Beauty Therapist at Lilianfels Day Spa

5. Stay Hydrated When Flying

“Flying is really rough on your skin. In the pressured cabins, your skins moisture levels can drop significantly. Plus, the stress of flying can increase your cortisol levels leading to redness, blotchiness and sometimes flaking of the skins surface. Experts advise that two cups of water an hour while flying assists in retaining this moisture but I always take my moisturizer on the flight and apply as required.” – Tracey Beeby Ultraceuticals skin expert

6. Don’t Wear Makeup to Bed

“Short term this habit will cause congestion, blackheads, redness and dull skin. Long term it will cause wrinkles, large pores and saggy skin due to the breakdown of collagen caused by nasty free radicals in the environmental pollutants that are left on the skin.” – Melanie Grant, Facialist and Clinic Director at Double Bay Clinic

7. Protect Your Skin From the Sun

“My number one skincare tip is sun protection. This will ultimately reduce the signs of photodamage in the longer term such as wrinkling, skin thinning and pigmentation issues. I suggest a minimum SPF 30 in a light oil free formulation.” – Dr Emma Haverhoek, Dermatologist at St Peters Dermatology