Best Super Bowl Commercial – 2016

Another Super Bowl has come and gone. This year, 52 brands purchased air time in the 2016 Super Bowl – the 50th edition of the biggest day in American sports – and TV commercials. Each of these companies paid a minimum of 5 million bucks per 30 seconds of precious air time. Eager to promote their goods before an audience of more than 100 million captivated viewers, most advertisers will tell you that each of those dollars was well spent.

But the commercials from Super Bowl 50 will live for years to come! At least the good ones will. Or maybe they’ll live for weeks. Or be a little bit popular, anyway. Why don’t you sit back, relax, and enjoy the Super Bowl 50 Commercials.

At least these Best Commercials of Super Bowl 50 these will live forever.

Never a Sellout” – from TurboTax

Restricted Bling” – from T-Mobile

Puppy Monkey Baby” – from Mountain Dew

Train On” – from Pokémon

The Longest Chase” – from Toyota

“Audi R8”

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