8 Quick Beauty Tips for the Week

Cosmetics and beauty products are a major source of chemical exposure for most people. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives every beauty product, and most work better than the chemical laden alternative. An average beauty product contains dozens of harmful chemicals, many which have not even been tested for safety in humans.  So, why using chemicals when we can manage to get beautiful skin, hair and face by natural way.

Here are the 8 quick beauty tips for the week:

* For a quick and natural facial, give yourself a honey mask. Take a warm shower, or hold your face over a bowl of steaming water to open pores. Rub warm honey on face and sit for 20-30 minutes, Rinse with warm water and splash with cool water to close pores. Honey also works great as a gentle face wash that can be used every day.

* For an intensive hair conditioner, blend avocado and coconut milk or cream in a blender and apply to dry hair. Leave on up to 30 minutes and rinse.

* For oily hair, massage baking soda into hair, shampoo as normal and rinse. This can be drying for some people and irritating to the scalp. If you want a gentler option, also try DIY dry shampoo for dark or light hair.

* Turn any eyeliner pencil into super-intense gel liner.
– Use any Kohl pencil eyeliner
– Hold the tip of pencil eyeliner under flame for 1 second
– Let it cool down for 15-20 seconds

* Color your entire lid with white eyeliner to make eye shadow colors POP.

* Cover up dark circles by applying concealer in a triangle shape.

* To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out.

* Use Band-Aids to create little polka dots on your nails.