10 best sources of Fiber

Fiber is essential for keeping our bodies in tip top working order. It’s recommended that we aim to consume about 30g per day for a happy digestive system. The question is, where are the best places to get it?

1. Lentils
Versatile lentils packs a fiber punch, containing a massive 15.6g per cooked cup. Lentils are like most members of the legume family in that they are rich sources of fiber. However lentils get the upper hand because they’re also the quickest to cook!


2. Artichokes
Here’s one you didn’t see coming! Artichokes have the highest amount of fiber per serve compared to any other vegetable. A medium cooked artichoke contains a whopping 10.3 grams of fiber.


3. Bran flakes
When you think of fiber, the first thing that pops to mind is trusty old bran flakes – and with good reason. Just one cup of this stalwart cereal contains seven grams of fiber. Other fiber-rich carbohydrate foods include whole wheat pasta (6.3g per cup, cooked) and pearled barley (6g per cup, cooked).

Bran flakes

4. Raspberries
Raspberries often get a good nutrition wrap for their vitamin-rich properties. But the sweet and juicy fruit is also a surprisingly high source of fiber! Just one cup of raw raspberries contains eight grams of fiber.


5. Avocados
Not only are avocadoes a source of that elusive monounsaturated ‘good’ fat – but they also contain fiber by the bucket load! One avocado contains a noteworthy nine grams of fiber.


6. Broccoli
Broccoli has so many positive health benefits – so it shouldn’t be surprising that fiber content is among them! Just one cup of broccoli contains five grams of fiber – but more importantly a measly 50 calories so you can enjoy it to your heart’s content


7. Oats
They don’t call it a super food for nothing’! As well as containing five grams of fiber in a quarter cup serve, oats are a source of beta-glucan fiber, which slows the digestion process and keeps you feeling full for longer.


8. Apple
That old saying about an apple a day keeping the doctor away probably has to do with the fruit’s fiber content! A medium sized apple contains just under 5g of fiber including the soluble fiber, pectin, which causes food to be digested and absorbed slower.


9. Chia seeds
A sneaky way to up your fiber intake is to sprinkle on some chia seeds. When added to water, these seeds thicken up to form a fibrous gel. Just one tablespoon of chia seeds contains an impressive 5.5 grams of fiber.

Chia seeds

10. Fiber supplement
If you’re not quite reaching your daily fiber intake goals then there’s always the option of a fiber supplement. Because they’re available in capsule or powder form, these supplements offer an easy solution to instantly add more fiber into your diet.

Fiber supplement

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